Robot Jaws Shows Medicated Chewing Gum Could be the Future

Medicated chewing gum has been recognised as a new advanced drug delivery method but currently there is no gold standard for testing drug release from chewing gum in vitro. New research has shown a chewing robot with built-in humanoid jaws could provide opportunities for pharmaceutical companies to develop medicated chewing gum.

Materials provided by University of Bristol

The University of Bristol research, published in IEEE Transactions on Biomedical Engineering, sought to establish if a humanoid chewing robot could evaluate medicated chewing gum. In a confined setting, the robot can accurately mimic the eating action of a human being. The gum’s xylitol release may be monitored thanks to the addition of synthetic saliva to the formula. The goal of the experiment was to see how much xylitol was left in the gum after it was chewed by the robot vs humans. They also wanted to know how much xylitol was emitted as they chewed the gum. Chewing robots released xylitol at a comparable rate to human participants, according to the study’s findings. Even though the first five minutes of chewing produced the most xylitol, after 20 minutes of chewing, just a little quantity remained in the gum bolus, regardless of the chewing technique employed.

After five, ten, fifteen, and twenty minutes of chewing continuously, saliva and fake saliva solutions were collected, and the quantity of xylitol emitted from the chewing gum was determined. “Bioengineering has been utilized to construct an artificial oral environment that closely resembles the one seen in humans,” stated Dr. Kazem Alemzadeh, Senior Lecturer in the Department of Mechanical Engineering and the study’s lead researcher. Chewing robots, according to the results of our study, allow pharmaceutical firms to test medicated chewing gum on fewer patients while also saving money. “Oral delivery techniques are the most convenient medication administration route for patients,” said co-author and Professor of Restorative Dentistry at Bristol Dental School, Nicola West. Oral medication release and distribution studies may be revolutionized thanks to this study, which makes use of a new humanoid artificial oral habitat.

Reference : University of Bristol. (2020, July 14). Robot jaws shows medicated chewing gum could be the future. ScienceDaily. Retrieved October 5, 2021 from

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