Gorilla Glue Finally Gets Removed From Woman’s Hair

Tessica Brown, a woman from Louisiana, has been trending on the internet lately because of an incident regarding using gorilla glue as hair spray. More than 30 million people viewed a video that Brown posted, showing how using Gorilla Glue as a hairspray is a “bad, bad, bad idea”. She was rushing to get ready for work that day and ran out of her usual hairspray. In a rush, she grabbed a Gorilla Glue spray and used it without second thought. Controversy has risen since then regarding whether it was her fault for choosing to use an extremely strong adhesive on something as fragile as hair. Regardless, she needed a way to get the glue out. Luckily, Dr. Michael Obeng, a Los Angeles plastic surgeon, got the job done using a homemade solution. Dr. Obeng stated that he has a chemistry background and therefore was able to create the solution.

“In an interview with TMZ on Wednesday after the surgery, Dr. Obeng said he created a solvent to dissolve polyurethane, the main active ingredient in Gorilla Glue, made of medical grade adhesive remover, aloe vera, olive oil and a little bit of acetone. He tested the concoction on a skull outfitted with real hair and extensions that he matted down with Gorilla Spray Adhesive”(Fazio).

From the New York Times article, “‘A Big Relief’ for Woman Finally Free of Gorilla Glue in Her Hair”

Regarding the backlash, Brown did not stop after getting treated. She planned to file a lawsuit on Gorilla Glue. This caused people to get confused and annoyed since the adhesive was never shown in a hair isle or was ever advised to be used on skin/hair. People started questioning the reasoning for posting about a mistake she has made, but Brown does not regret it. She stated how the quick internet fame got to bring awareness on her severe ‘injury’ and got the medical help through the publicity. She says, “if I’d never posted it, it would still be in my head,” and ignores the backlash. It turns out that the allegations that she was going to sue Gorilla Glue were false, but she still agrees that she has learned her lesson.

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