Traveling Nurses Situation during Pandemic

Hiring traveling nurses has become even more and more common nowadays due to the growing need of nurses worldwide. Traveling nurses work temporary under a contract for a specific hospital anywhere in the world. Although they are solutions for short-staffing in hospitals, hiring traveling nurses is only a short term solution. This situation has only become more dire due to the recent pandemic and hospitals’ increasing demand for health care workers. There is already a limit and the Covid-19 pandemic is only stressing the need more.

According to khn news, recently the demand for nurses and other health care workers has reached its all time high. Nurses that were overwhelmed with work at their old hospitals with lower wages, left their old line of work to travel to other hospitals with 5 times as more pay. During these dire times, hospitals are locked into bidding wars for the services of these traveling nurses, and their wages reach up to 5,000 per week. This is huge considering that previously some nurses made 800 a week, but due to their pandemic their wages have increased exponentially. These numbers just put the hospitals’ need for nurses into perspective; they are willing to over pay by approximately 4000 dollars a week to obtain their services.

Even though this may seem great for the nurses who are bringing in loads of cash for the tiring work during the pandemic, however this bidding war for temporary nurses creates debt in hospitals. As hospitals continue to overpay these nurses who only stay for a couple of weeks at the max, hospitals are hurting their budget and are not in a favorable position to say the least. Another factor that hurts the hospital are the increasing departures of nurses to become travel nurses and work elsewhere. Since travel nurses are earning so much money during the pandemic, more and more nurses in hospitals have decided to pack their bags and take their talents elsewhere. This only adds to the already preexisting problem of under-staffing in hospitals.

Of course benefits come with the increase of travel nurses around the world. More and more hospitals will be able to receive the help that they desperately need with the help of the temporary nurses at their disposal. It also helps inspire the future generations to explore the option of being a traveling nurse, due to the idea of traveling the world and helping people in the process. Ultimately travel nurses will not be the permanent solution for under-staffed hospitals during the pandemic or any time after it. However, they will help hospitals and other health care workers stall time in order for a more permanent solution to take place.


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