Light Stimulation Makes Bones Heavier

Photo-biomodulation effects on tissue healing have made lasers popular in medical and dentistry settings. Low-level laser therapy’s advantages are increasingly being recognized in medical and dental fields that need to boost bone repair. When it came to periodontal surgery, the team was aware of the quicker healing of bone exposed to an Er:YAG laser’s controlled destruction as opposed to bone subjected to traditional bur drilling. As a result, they began to question whether Er:YAG laser irradiation affected bone SOST expression. “We set out to evaluate complete and sequential gene expression and biological healing responses in laser-ablated, bur-drilled, and untreated bone, as well as studying the bio-stimulation impact of an Er:YAG laser on osteogenic cells,” says main scientist Yujin Ohsugi.

The researchers used microarray analysis to look at gene expression patterns in healing rat skull bones six, twenty-four, and 72 hours following laser or drilling therapy. Sclerostin expression was detected by immunohistochemistry after one day of culture. We also performed in vitro irradiation experiments on oseteogenic cell lines and looked at the cell death rate and sclerostin concentration that resulted. corresponding author Sayaka Katagiri says, “We demonstrated reduced sclerostin expression following laser irradiation both in vivo and in vitro”. “At 24 hours, successive microarray analysis showed a significant difference in the gene expression pattern between bur-drilled and laser-ablated bones, with the former exhibiting enhanced inflammation-related pathways alone. The Hippo signaling pathway, which controls tissue development, was enhanced six hours after laser ablation, while inflammation-related pathways remained unchanged, indicating that laser radiation operated through mechanical bio-stimulation.”

Journal Reference: Yujin Ohsugi, Sayaka Katagiri, Tomomitsu Hirota, Hiromi Niimi, Masahiro Hatasa, Kazuki Watanabe, Tsuyoshi Shimohira, Koji Mizutani, Moe Kitazawa, Ayumi Matsuzawa, Hiroshi Kadokura, Satoshi Yokose, Takanori Iwata, Akira Aoki. Laser irradiation decreases sclerostin expression in bone and osteogenic cellsThe FASEB Journal, 2020; 34 (9): 12877 DOI: 10.1096/fj.202001032R

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