Face Masks Now Required for Passengers

Masks are no doubt one of the most effective ways of stopping the spread of the coronavirus. Of course, there were still people who wouldn’t wear them no matter what saying it was their choice. Now, it isn’t really their choice anymore. On February 1st at 9PM, the federal government passed a law stating that people were required to wear masks at all times in public spaces such as airports except for times when they are in their private vehicles. 

This gives airports much more power when dealing with passengers who aren’t wearing masks properly. Before this official order was given, airports had their own policy to properly wear a mask when on board. However, since this wasn’t supported enough, passengers would argue saying it was their choice of whether they wanted to wear it or not. An example of this would be from Kron 4 on January 21, 2020, a woman was shouting at flight attendants about wearing her mask properly. This is just one of many cases of this happening in the US.

But now that airports are able to enforce this policy much more efficiently since it was given by the government, the number of incidents such as the one given above hopefully will decrease. According to the CDC, transport officials should ‘do everything they can to ensure mask wearing, including “removing any person who refuses to comply,’ and refusing entry to those without a face mask.”

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