Dodger Stadium Vaccination Site Interrupted by Anti-Vax Protestors

On January 30th, Anti Vax protestors blocked traffic at Dodger stadium. Approximately 5,740 doses of the vaccine were issued Saturday at the site, which distributes between 5,700 and 7,700 doses daily. Workers were still vaccinating people inside the stadium during the hour that the main entrance was closed. The protestors held up signs telling people to turn back and made signs about the covid death percentage. The incident made many city officials infuriated. Some questioned why police weren’t more aggressive toward demonstrators.

Since the incident was becoming a hazard, they closed the gate after protesters approached the Stadium Way entrance. This decision was made due to concerns for both the safety of workers inside and the protesters themselves. They could have been struck by cars as they marched through the site.

After 45 minutes, Fortman said, LAPD officers approached the group and warned them they could face citation or arrest if they entered the vaccination site and ordered them to get out of the street. The group complied and largely dispersed by 3 p.m., luckily the protesters’ actions ultimately did little to inhibit vaccine distribution.

Anti Vax protests have been stirring up all over the country. With several social media uprisings many officials blame social media companies for putting public safety at risk by letting people spread false information. With more protestors cities will have a harder time keeping people safe and distributing vaccines. With L.A having the most cases in California many officials are worried that future protests can create problems.

While the distribution is a huge issue, many vaccines have also been tossed out. In New York Mayor Cuomo tossed out thousands of vaccines because of strict rules that only elderly people can receive a vaccine. When not enough people came that day it was reported that vaccines were simply thrown away. This angered thousands of residents since the vaccines could have been used to reduce the number of people that need it. Thankfully, his administration has loosened the restrictions around who can get vaccinated in New York State. The governor announced that medical providers could vaccinate a wider range of essential workers, including teachers, as well as New Yorkers 75 years and older starting as early as Monday. That same day, the governor also expanded the types of medical professionals that can administer vaccines to include licensed practical nurses, pharmacists, dentists and podiatrists.

With the entire country facing issues with vaccine distribution we can only hope that everyone has a mask to keep themselves safe.


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