Nursing Malpractice

Nursing malpractice is when a nurse fails to complete his or her task completely and it ultimately leads to the harm of a patient or at the worst, the patient’s death. Nursing malpractices are still common ever after decades of nursing schools teaching to prevent. Malpractices cannot be erased completely due to human error always being a factor. Of course their severe punishments when it comes to malpractices, as they are not taken lightly. Nurses can face life in prison if the court rules their malpractice as a deliberate act, the hospitals also take massive hits from nursing malpractices because of the lawsuit that usually follows.

The most recent major nursing malpractice happened in 2018, where Lloyd Thomas, an 71 year old man, was taken to the ER after it was discovered that the he had colonized MRSA. However unfortunately Thomas would pass away 24 days after admission into the hospital. At first his death was identified as a multi-system organ failure, but that family suspected something else had occurred. They claimed that Thomas died because of the poor treatment he received from the hospital. Apparently they believed that he was not properly cleaned, fed, and tendered too. They also stated that his medical records were inaccurate and he was given the wrong prescription meditations. Eventually a lawsuit would follow and the case was to be settled in court. More evidence about the terrible treatment of Thomas was presented, as it was revealed that Thomas did not get a single ounce of fluid that he needed. Thus, the verdict sided towards Thomas’ family and the lawsuit was awarded to them.

This case was a very peculiar case because of the terrible treatment compared to recent misconducts. Thomas had a preexisting condition of diarrhea, and the health-care workers at the hospital set it aside like to meant nothing. According to his family Thomas was progressively improving slowly after first colonizing MRSA, but the terrible care from the professionals paid to take care of him failed to do their work properly. Thomas’ situation is super unfortunate due to the hope that was crushed by people who are seen as life-savors by the public. More attention should be given to nursing malpractice to ensure nothing like this happens again.


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