Evolution of Vehicles

Vehicles are things that most everyone uses on a daily basis during this modern era whether its taking a road trip or doing simple things like taking children to school. But obviously vehicles didn’t start this technologically advanced. Just like phones and computers, they were invented and improved over time. 

The first vehicles were made during the 17 hundreds which ran on steam power just like the steam engine trains. But these models had their own issues as it took quite a while to start the vehicle up and the distance it could travel was very limited. The first functional electric car in the US was built by William Morrison in 1890. It was able to travel much faster and fit 6 people.

The first hybrid vehicle which runs on gas and electricity was developed by Ferdinand Porsche in 1898. Shortly after, the more common gas powered cars enter the industry. Gas powered cars quickly took over the market as gas was a cheaper fuel for the vehicles.

In 1930, many advancements were made that are similar to the features in the modern vehicle such as electric windows, air conditioning, and seat belts. The first airbag was installed in 1973 called the Tornado model and as time went on more and more advancements were made such as sunroofs, cd players, and electric doors.

Since 2010, there has been a 42,000% percent increase in electric cars being used. The reason for this sudden increase is because the batteries of which the electric cars run are more technologically advanced and are much less expensive. Not only this but also because of the idea of global warming spreading, people are taking steps to reduce pollution and this includes using electric cars rather than gas powered ones.

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