Emerging healthcare technology in nursing

It has been no secret that recently technological innovations have been booming the recent years, and it is also not unknown that the healthcare community has heavily benefitted from new advancements. There are four relatively new nursing technologies that have made lives of health care workers easier, this list includes automated IV pumps, smart beds, and electronic health records.

Every patient in a hospital requires a type of fluid to be infused inside of them. This process can be done by hand, or it can be done with an electric pumps or otherwise known as automated IV pumps. Due to the shortage of nurses worldwide, these automated IV pumps have saved precious time and provided an efficient way for patients to receive the right amount of fluid. Another positive for these electric pumps is that they reduce error, as human error is always a major problem in hospitals due to short-staffing. If a patient doesn’t receive the right amount of fluid, there will be severe consequences, the worst of them death. The IV pumps eliminate this problem, as they measure the correct quantity of fluid for every person, without a chance for human error

Patients spends hours and hours every day laying on a hospital bed without moving a lot or even at all. This creates the problem of bed sores, as it a common condition in hospitals due to the immovability of the patients, thus the smart bed was turned to for help. Smart beds help improve safety of the patients while providing nurses constantly updated information for analyzing. The main part of these smart beds are the sensors underneath it. These sensors prevent patients from falling off the bed, and at the same time let the nurses know the movement of the patients and any weight changes the patients experience.

Last but not least there are electronic health records. Ever since health records have been able to be accessed electronically, health care workers and patients both have benefitted massively from these records. Since health care workers are able to retrieve information of the patient’s needs fast and efficiently, it allows them to provide more coordinated care for the patients. While providing faster and more efficient care, these electronic health records also enable faster and more reliant prescribing. All of someone’s health information in one database allows faster recognition of the prescription that a patient needs.

Emerging health care technology have brung faster and more efficient methods for health care workers all around the world to provide patients much needed care. Of course these new technologies cannot replace direct person to person interactions, they are helping to pave the way for a safer and healthier future for civilians around the world.


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