Amazon opens up COVID-19 Vaccine Clinic, but Who’s Getting Vaccinated?

In Seattle, Amazon is opening a pop-up clinic to administer COVID-19 vaccines. This is a one-day clinic that will be set up on the 24th with the resources for 2000 vaccines that can be given to eligible members of the public. This was announced on Thursday(1/21/21) through a news conference with Washington Governor Jay Inslee. 

“The truth is, Covid-19 has been a tragedy for the country, for the world and for Washington. We’re eager to help save lives here in our home state, to rebuild the economy with you and turn the page on Covid as quickly as we can.” – Jay Carney

Who can get vaccinated?

Currently, the state of Washington prioritizes those 65+ or 50+ and living in a household with multiple generations to receive the vaccines. Vaccines will be rolled in out in several phases, as indicated by the CDC. The process starts with Phase 1a, or the “Jumpstart Phase”. In this beginning stage, high-risk health workers and first responders are treated with the vaccines. These frontline responders to the vaccine have the highest exposure to it, and have been treated with vaccines to protect them.
Next, is phase 1b, which prioritizes older adults in crowded areas and anyone with high risk to Covid-19 due to preexisting conditions. We are currently in this stage, as older adults are being treated and also those in crowded households are included. Hopefully, we can move on soon to Phase 2.

In Phase 2, there are many groups that have been identified for next in the vaccine line. K-12 teachers, school staff, and childcare workers is one demographic. Because they are/will be in close contact with lots of children, their safety is prioritized. Critical workers that are exposed are also in this phase, such as those working physically and have to be in close contact with people. Importantly, older adults that have not been treated in Phase 1 will be treated.

Phase 3 now treats fewer groups, but most likely more people. Starting with young adults, who will likely go back into society after their treatment. Children are also on the list, for in-person classes to resume and other activities to continue. All workers not yet treated will also be treated, so work that must be done in-person can be done comfortably. Finally, Phase 4 allows everyone not yet treated to be vaccinated, effectively ending the pandemic.

These phases are further outlined in NASEM framework which is adopted by the CDC. Hopefully, more Covid-19 treatment clinics can be set up in the near future, and these phases can be followed. 


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