SAT subject tests as well as the optional essay removed

Earlier this morning, on January 19th, 2021, College board removed the SAT subject test as well as the optional essay as thousands of schools began removing the requirement. Critics at College board announced that the decision was mostly financial as the pandemic minimized the use of their testing centers. The removal of these tests overall benefited college board rather than the students.

One critic announced, “At the same, he said, the College Board was likely to try to use the elimination of the subject tests to try to convince elite high schools to offer more Advanced Placement courses, whose tests the College Board also administers, as a way to burnish their students’ transcripts. But because A.P. tests have to be taken at the end of a student’s junior year or earlier for their scores to be considered in admissions decisions, more focus on A.P. scores in the admissions process would likely only increase pressure on students.”

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David Coleman, the chief executive officer of the College Board, responded that the organization’s goal was not to get more students to take A.P. courses and tests, but to eliminate redundant exams, thereby reducing the burden on high school students applying to college. “Anything that can reduce unnecessary anxiety and get out of the way is of huge value to us.”

Although there are several arguments that can be said about the situation one we know for sure that we will not see the essay or the subject tests back anytime soon. As college board begins to diminish their operations schools may begin creating their own tests and eliminating any use of the SAT or their competitor the ACT.

With this year being rough on students, everyone hopes for a better opportunity as juniors prepare for their applications. While there are still several tests it is crazy that any of this happened.


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