President Trump gets de-platformed after Capitol riots

Trump had his Twitter banned and many of his accounts suspended by several other big platforms, removing his ability to speak out to his followers. The decision was followed when the followers unexpectedly stormed the Capitol building. The mob destroyed offices and set off a national emergency. Troops from all over the United States began to sleep on floors of the Capitol to protect the Congress men and women. Many officials also said that there will be an increase the amount of troops during inauguration day. There will be more troops deployed in our own Capitol than there is in Afghanistan and Iraq combined. With the belief that Trump having actively attempted to force his win in the election, the companies called for temporary or permanent bans to his accounts. He called the election “unfair” and “rigged,” which ultimately caused his supporters to raid the Capitol building. They went around injuring Capitol police officers and destroyed the inside of the Capitol. For the second time in history following the war of 1812 when the British army attempted to tear down the existing American government, we found people of our own country destroying as well as killing members of our own government.

Uploaded by: Yahoo Finance, Jan 11, 2021

Several big platforms removed Trump as well as his allies. AWS, amazons web service platform removed the republican app Parler from operating. Without the proper servers Parler can no longer operate. Following the removal, Apple as well as Google removed the app from their stores. With the collective effort, Trump is unable to talk to any of his followers. Following the twitter ban, Trump spoke out on POTUS, a twitter account specially for important news to the United States. His tweets however were soon removed after the employees at twitter saw it.


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