How Computers Have Evolved

The computers we know today can be used for pretty much anything. It is used for entertainment, communication, education, etc. But the first computer invented in 1880 was actually for something along the lines of organizing things. It was first used to organize results of the U.S. Census. Later models were used for other things such as calculating. An example is the Turing machine which was designed by Alex Turing to compute.

The first model that was able to do multiple tasks at once was the 1941 model designed by Atanosoff and Clifford Berry. It was able to solve 29 equations at the same time which was an incredible feat back then.

Now when most people think of computers, they can think about coding, or the computer language. There are many languages in coding such as Java, python, C++, etc. But obviously computers that were developed during the 19 and 18 hundreds didn’t have those programs. That is, until 1953, when Grace Hopper developed the very first computer language which is now known as COBOL. COBOL stands for the words “common business oriented language”. Despite being over 60 years old, it is actually still useful to learn this language of code. It is used a lot in business finances and administrative systems.

Despite the long history computers have had, the modern day are more closely related to the ones from centuries than you might think. COBOL for example is still a relevant coding language today. 

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