Parler Removal


Following the angry mob storming the capitol earlier this week, many tech companies have also taken action to prevent another similar incident from happening. Parler is a social media blogging app that is known to be “unbiased” with no censorship. However, this intent has attracted their main user base which is Trump supporters, conservatives, conspiracy theorists, and right-wing extremists. This has led to multiple tech companies removing their support of Parler, such as Apple, Amazon, and Google. 

Apple & Google

Apple removed Parler from the iPhone app store, saying that the posts on the social network included calls for violence, violating their rules against objectionable content. “We have always supported diverse points of view being represented on the App Store, but there is no place on our platform for threats of violence and illegal activity”, said an Apple representative. 

Google has taken a similar approach by removing Parler from Google Play. These actions signify another major hit against Trump supporters. Many of them have migrated to Parler from Facebook or Twitter with the general notion that Big Tech has been biased against them, and this has most likely solidified their own suspicions. While it does not completely deny users access to the app, Parler can still be hosted on third-party app stores.


Amazon offers cloud computing services in the form of Amazon Web Services(AWS). This is the foundation of apps and technologies such as Netflix, Facebook, even supporting organizations like the UK Ministry of Justice and the US Department of State. The specific services it offers is hosting websites and application, managing databases, and many more functions for running a business. Now, Amazon has stopped support for Parler, and is no longer providing services to Parler.

This change may be even more important than the previous, as Parler can go completely offline until the company finds a new host. This is for similar reasons, along the lines of Parler not being responsible for the violence caused by its app on multiple occasions. AWS had flagged 98 different examples of posts that encouraged violence and threats. However, CEO John Matze feels that this shouldn’t be his responsibility, “… considering we’re a neutral town square that just adheres to the law.”


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