US capitol breached by angry mob

Earlier today on January 6th, the US has faced one of the most tragic moments in history. As the election for Joe Biden was being finalized, angry rioters breached the Capitol building. Many of the representatives took cover as hundreds of rioters got in. In a swift response the Capitol police called for reinforcements so state police as well as the FBI swat team were sent.

These unfortunate events were posted on social media and rioters can be seen gathered inside the capitol.

In the capitol, members were verifying the electoral votes for the next president. In retaliation thousands of Trump supporters mobbed the capitol building and pushed through the riot police. After getting to the door they had broken windows and outnumbered law enforcement. Many of the police were attacked by chemicals and can be seen defenseless as they stormed in. Shortly after a person was confirmed to be shot by the police inside the Capitol.

Although we were able to confirm the breach from the main entrance police confirmed that several windows were broken and many more got in.

As police headed down the stairs they were called traitors by the rioters.

Many people blame the president for not controlling the situation. According to nytimes, “President Trump, who faced criticism for not doing enough to end the violence at the Capitol, posted a second tweet calling for protesters to “remain peaceful” as his supporters stormed the Capitol. Vice President Mike Pence went a step beyond that, asking the crowd to leave the Capitol building.”

Even with the response many of the supporters still began to destroy pieces of our countries important history. Photos were taken confirming that items from the Capitol were looted as well as destroyed. Videos showed rioters yelling “let us in” and nasty comments were made on democratic leaders like Nancy Pelosi.

Shortly after the event had escalated Washington mayor, Muriel Bowser had set a 6PM curfew to control the situation. Anyone outside later than 6PM would be taken by police and possibly charged. Thanks to the swift action of law enforcement everyone has high hopes for the end of this event.


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