How Basketball Has Changed

How Basketball Has Changed

Basketball is one of the most popular sports that is played around the world. But the rules that we see currently, weren’t the rules that were started with. 

To begin, in modern day basketball, there can be a maximum of 10 players; 5 players from one team and 5 from another. This gives basketball more organization which is much needed how chaotic it can most times be. When the game/sport was first being developed, there wasn’t actually a limit on how many players could participate. Numerous people would play at once which to us modern day viewers, seems impossible. Eventually, in 1897, it became an official rule that only 5 players from each team were allowed on the court at once.

Compared to the current basketball which is orange and has diagonal lines, the original basketball actually looked more brown and like a football. It had the leather stitches along the side and was a little lopsided. This made dribbling and ball handling extremely difficult. The ball design was changed numerous times to make it more round and easier to handle. In 1967, a new basketball design was introduced to the ABA which is most closely related to modern day basketball.

Now for baskets. The baskets used to be peach baskets which were 10 feet above the ground. In 1892, the peach baskets were replaced by woven rims which made retrieving balls much easier since it fell right through the bottom instead of staying in the basket. In 1912, nets were approved to be used in the game which made it much smoother.

Basketball is a sport which started off way different from the version we know today. There are countless more rules that were changed such as substitutions, scoring, backboard, and so on. It’s possible they will continue to change as well.

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