Covid-19’s grasp in nursing homes

During these unprecedented times, Covid-19 has affected many people around the world either directly, or affecting somebody they know. This is especially the case in nursing homes, where people who are getting there in age, are feeling the biggest effects of Covid-19. According to, nearly 40% of Covid deaths came from nursing homes and other assisted living communities. This alarming percentage is a mainly due to Covid’s stronger attack on people with weaker immune system, and nursing homes are a focus point for the disease. It is well known that nursing homes contain many people with disorders, as roughly 100,000 people with disorders such as Alzheimers and dementia died from a result of being affected by Covid-19. These two alarming statistics raise even more worries to both residents of nursing homes and the families of individuals who currently abide in nursing homes.

All of the problems raised in nursing homes is all the more stress for caretakers in the nursing homes. Caretakers now have to balance concerns about their own health and safety, with the ones of the residents of their nursing homes. Even prior to the pandemic, nursing homes were already short-staffed with low wages and Covid has just worsened this situation. According to, about 7 to 10 nursing facilitates lacked sufficient funding for their employees. According to another source, more than 100,000 lives of long term caretakers have been taken by Covid-19. The effects of the pandemic are strong and arguably even stronger on the caregivers that also reside in the homes, as many of them have been infected, and even deceased after contracting Covid.

As one can see, nursing homes are a bigger concern than one thought as everyone inside, from caretakers to residents have been affected negatively by the pandemic. More attention needs to be given to these nursing homes as Covid has the strongest grasp in these facilities with greater numbers of people with disorders and weaker immune systems. It is no secret that Covid has taken many lives, but action is needed to be taken in nursing homes in order to provide caretakers, residents, and families of caretakers and residents to feel safer and more in control of their own health during the ongoing pandemic.


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