There will be no Crab in the Bay Area till price negotiations are made.

Crab has been a favorite all around the country as a Christmas/New years meal. After several arguments however with wholesalers and crabbers they were unable to reach a price agreement for the crab. Big companies did not set out this season and contracted private crabbers have missed out on thousands of dollars of work. Without a solid agreement the boats will not be sent out to catch crab.

Gabrielle Lurie/The San Francisco Chronicle via Getty Images

According to, “The Bay Area News Group sent up a flare Tuesday night, writing that price negotiations might keep crabbers from heading out on Wednesday morning, the first day they’d be cleared to fish after fears of whale entanglement delayed the season from November 15 to December 1, and then again to the 23rd. The news that they’d be allowed to fish prior to Christmas — typically a banner day for local Dungeness at Bay Area homes, markets, and restaurants — was some of the first good news local crabbers had gotten, after the pandemic eroded much of their sales to restaurants, and a massive May fire at Pier 45 destroyed the gear belonging to 30 members of the area’s fishing community.”

Even with an agreement many fishers have come to a halt due to the amount of whales during this season. with the delayed launch of the boats we might not see any crabs till the middle on January. Crabbers that rely on holiday demand are frustrated and starving due to the argument between the 2 large groups. Without companies coming to a arrangement many are affected.

According to,

“The crab fishing industry is suffering.

John Barnett is a commercial crab fisherman. He has two commercial boats, both tied up in port. He is catching up on maintenance and had to lay off both crews.

“Well, I’m depending on my wife for our household income right now. I haven’t really made any money, as well as COVID, it’s cutting down a lot of what we did in the summer so, uh, this is has impacted the winter fisheries, It’s been a long time,” says Barnett.”

Though the wholesalers seem evil, the wholesalers argued that they will not sell out fast enough which gives them a valid reason to buy them for cheaper. With better negotiations the crabbers and the wholesalers can come to an arrangement.


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