Is Social Media Getting Too Toxic?

People have become increasingly judgmental, making it harder for others to open up. Tiktok which is a popular social media platform where anyone can post what they desire, proves the judgment from others mainly found in the comment section. For example, people that open up about what it is like to live with a mental health disorder, often get put down by the comments, claiming that they are “faking it” and “doing it for the attention”.

There is a toxic stigma for mental health and its severity has yet to be properly addressed. People do not understand that there are levels to how severe a disorder can be and people are able to hide it better than others. The problem with this toxicity is that a person’s mental health status affects the severity of the disorder, so it makes it harder to overcome. I believe social media takes a great part in mental health issues. For example, the beauty standard being pushed on others at a young age affects what they think is necessary to be accepted by society. This holds a personal significance because I know many people including myself, who have been depressed, suicidal, and/or experienced body dysmorphia that has been caused by social media and how it is hard to be accepted and taken seriously with their mental health disorders. It is painful to see how people on Tiktok mock others and make jokes because they think people are faking their struggles for attention when in reality they are just trying to open up. Just because one does not meet the stereotype of what people believe it is like to have a mental health disorder does not mean they are not struggling in a different aspect.

There is a fine line between what is considered humorous and straight-up offensive, and I think this generation has been pushing the line. People on social media, either bashing others for their struggles or being a bystander, are the same people that mourn and feel sympathy for people that have committed suicide. The issue with this is that the choice of death could have been avoided if people were not so toxic. Those same people could have reached out and gotten help if mental health was not treated as a joke or a light issue. Of course, it is possible to overcome this battle on their own, but it would be a lot easier if they had reassurance and acceptance from others.

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