A Black Doctor Dies of Coronavirus Due To Racial Mistreatment

Dr. Susan Moore passed away on Sunday, December 20 2020 due to Coronavirus complications. Moore was a physician and spoke up about a White doctor dismissing her symptoms and later resulted in her death. She accused a doctor at Indiana University Health North Hospital (IU North) for dismissing her concern for possible symptoms, as the doctor said things like “you’re not even short of breath. Despite her pain, the doctor suggested to making her go home since he was uncomfortable handing her more narcotics. While the pain medicine would alleviate her pain, it would also help her breathe. Because of the unjust situation, Moore’s request for an antiviral is now considered a standard for all patients dealing with Coronavirus.

“He made me feel like I was a drug addict,” she said in the video. “And he knew I was a physician.”

Moore told CNN in the article, “A Black doctor died of Covid-19 weeks after accusing hospital staff of racist treatment”

Moore got transferred to a different hospital with “adequate” treatment after she had to emphasize her concerns. She claimed how she would not have been treated this way if she were white, which was completely valid.

Racial Discrimination Is Nothing New

Although the doctor’s actions were completely unjust in this setting, it is not new. Implicit racial biases has been going on for so long and this is proof that it has not been fixed yet. It has even been reported in a study that half of White medical students held a belief about implicit biological differences in Black people compared to other races.

“Acceptance of this inequitable treatment as ‘normal’ is historically rooted in and supported by the belief that Black people are intrinsically disease-prone and, implicitly or explicitly, not deserving of high-quality care,”

written by the authors of the New England Journal of Medicine article, quoted from the CNN article, “A Black doctor died of Covid-19 weeks after accusing hospital staff of racist treatment”

The fact that there is a largely-believed perception that people of color are strong enough to get less help than they deserve is absurd. This proves the flawed education system and continued lies because of society.

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