Korean IT moguls Join Hands to Develop AI technologies to overcome COVID19

Information technology (IT) moguls of South Korea have joined hands to develop artificial intelligence (AI) technologies to overcome the pandemic such as new coronavirus infections (Korona 19). Korean media reported that SK Telecom, Samsung Electronics, and Kakao will jointly develop and release AI (Artificial Intelligence) services to overcome the Corona 18 Pandemics in the first half of next year. AI will provide personalized services such as predicting the risk of users’ surroundings and future routes and warning them in advance.


This service guides users based on the user’s schedule recorded on their smartphones, reservation information such as air, performance, and accommodation, and provides appropriate countermeasures based on their usual travel routes.  By real-time identification of corona risk situations around the current location and analysis of risk levels, the service will recommend users to distance themselves from society or guide them to bypass routes. It is expected to be applied to natural disasters such as typhoons and heavy rains. In particular, it will refine regional risks through big data analysis of floating populations, public disaster information, and SNS information, and provide predictive information to users based on data such as schedules recorded on smartphones, airline tickets, performances, accommodation reservations, and usual travel routes.   

The three companies decided to continue cooperation in AI research to solve social challenges such as aging society and fine dust, starting with ‘AI Overcoming Pandemics’. They say that there is an open possibility of cooperation in all areas of ICT by converging various capabilities and business areas of each company such as 5G, smartphone, AI, and messenger platforms. The three companies also said that if there are ICT companies that want to cooperate and join the alliance, they can be together with an open mind.

In the interview reported in Korean media, Yoo Youngyoung, CEO of SK Telecom’s MNO business, said, “This AI super cooperation by representative ICT companies in Korea will not only be an important momentum for Korea to take the lead in fierce global competition, but also contribute to the establishment of Korea’s social safety net.”

“The cooperation of the three companies is significant in that it contributes to the growth of the domestic AI ecosystem in the long run by providing infrastructure components that can be widely used in industries and academia, starting with solving the social challenge of overcoming Pandemics,” said Roh Tae-moon, president of Samsung Electronics.

“We will work closely with great partners to solve social challenges, and we will continue to contribute to solving social problems with technology,” said Yeo Min-soo, CEO of Kakao.


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