The Importance of positive psychological capital in managing stress caused by COVID 19

Kim Sung Yi, a professor in the Division of Nursing of Dong-Eui Institute of Technology, recently conducted a convergence study of stress caused by the epidemic of COVID-19 and its impact on the quality of life and positive psychological capital.  

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This study is a descriptive investigative study to determine the effect of stress from adult COVID-19 outbreak on quality of life and to determine the effect of controlling positive psychological capital in relation to stress from COVID-19 outbreak and quality of life.

The purpose of the study is to provide a fundamental basis to improve the quality of life reduced by COVID-19 by identifying the effect of stress caused by COVID-19 on quality of life was identified and confirming the effect of positive psychological capital in terms of the relationship between stress and quality of life caused by COVID-19. 

This study was conducted at a time when high-strength social distancing rules were implemented across the country and was conducted online, through the portal site survey program. The data of 175 people were finally analyzed, except for five who were not responding properly among the questionnaires collected.

The concept of stress in this study is more like disaster stress rathe than normal stress and the survey used a visual analog scale (VAS) that directly displays ‘the degree of stress you feel from the current corona 19 pandemics’ on a line separated by 0 to 10 points, using a disaster stress tool used in the preceding study.

In conclusion, stress from the COVID-19 outbreak in the study showed a significant negative correlation with the quality of life, while positive psychological capital and quality of life were also significant positives.

Professor Kim further suggested that a study is needed to develop a program to mediate a lower quality of life due to stress caused by the COVID-19 epidemic and to verify its effectiveness.

Reference:  Kim Sung Yi, “A convergence study of stress caused by the epidemic of COVID-19, quality of life and positive psychological capitalSong-Yi KimProfessor, Division of Nursing, Dong-Eui Institute of Technology” Journal of the  Korea  Convergence  Society Vol. 11. No. 6, pp. 423-431, 2020, doi

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