Tracking Objects Thrown from High-rise Buildings

Recently, there was a dizzying incident in which a knife that seemed to have been thrown by someone fell from the high floor of an apartment building and nearby residents were almost seriously injured in Cheonan, South Korea. A few years ago, a woman in her 50s was seriously injured when a dumbbell fell from an apartment in Pyeongtaek, Gyeonggi Province.  An accident also occurred in an apartment near City Hall in Yeonje-gu, Busan, throwing dumbbells at two residents passing through the passageway on the first floor. It is not easy to find the thrown point, although it often occurs that a person walking outdoors on the ground is injured or killed by an item that fell from the high floor of an apartment building.  

ZDnet Korea recently reported that China’s telecommunications equipment maker Huawei has developed a ‘Manlian tracking system’ with Shenzhen Artificial Intelligence (AI) company SKYENSE, which can track high-flying objects from high-rise buildings.

This system is one of the applications of Huawei’s Software Definition (SD) CCTV, Holosens SDC. It can be used by adding the ‘Manian high-altitude throwing object tracking’ algorithm of Huawei’s algorithm market to CCTV. It can also be installed from the cloud platform of the ‘Manlian high altitude throw Smart Tracking System’.

The system allows real-time monitoring of objects thrown from high altitude such as apartment buildings. Automatic police reports are also available. If an object dropped from a high altitude causes loss of a person’s life or property, it can be used as information to report to the police as well as the evidence. The system contains several algorithms and can accurately locate objects in poor or complex environmental conditions. For example, it works in snow or rain, or in insects and birds flying.

Huawei expects the technology to have the effect of solving or preventing problems after an object-throwing event, according to ZDnet Korea.


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