New Variation of Covid-19

Viruses such as Covid 19 is things that need urgent attention and time. People rushed to find a vaccine to stop this and just when a vaccine was ready to be released, the virus mutated. According to NY Times,” this past weekend, officials in the UK sounded an alarm stating that there was a new contagious virus similar to covid which was spreading. Other countries such as South Africa have reported having cases of this new variation of covid 19.” Viruses easily mutate which makes them even more dangerous, as they might become more contagious or current healthcare could not be enough.

Australia has also reported having cases of this new virus. According to, “But it has also been confirmed as far as Australia, which said on Monday it had detected cases of the new fast-spreading UK strain. Two travelers from the UK to Australia’s New South Wales state are said to have been found carrying the mutated variant. Both individuals have been placed in hotel quarantine. Australia has seen cases in Sydney rise in recent days, but authorities don’t believe the rise in infections comes from the newly detected mutation. 

Dozens of domestic flights have been cancelled, as the country is under renewed alarm. “

Although each of these countries have a new virus which is spreading rapidly, the one in South Africa is different from the ones in other states ”Over the weekend, travel bans were also imposed on South Africa, as it was believed that the UK strain was also found there. But South African health officials and scientists leading the country’s virus strategy, the new variant, known as 501.V2, was different from the one in the UK. Nonetheless, like in Britain, officials have said that the mutation was driving the country’s resurgence of the disease, with higher numbers of confirmed cases, hospitalizations and deaths. South African scientists on the ground said they are currently studying if the vaccines against COVID-19 will also offer protection against the country’s new strain. “

Travelling during these times is especially dangerous as we can see with the travelers in Australia. They were carrying this new varied form of the virus and it spread.

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