New Technology to use Dermal Papilla Cells to Treat Hair Loss

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A Korean bio-company recently announced that it has launched ‘HDPC-480’, a dermal papilla cell storage service.

Dermal papilla cells are cells that secrete various growth factors that affect the production and growth of hair. It is located at the bottom of the hair root.

Dermal papilla cell is a key cell of hair loss treatment medicine that is being developed by Hanmo Bio. The company is developing hair loss treatment using the patient’s hair. It is aiming to enter phase 1 clinical trials next year.

Hanmobio Dermal Papilla Cell (HDPC) is a service that allows the storage and incubation of breast papilloma cells, the company said.  

The company has been researching four key technologies to develop HDPC.  

Shredding separation technology (HCI) is a technology that physically separates breast milk cells without drugs or chemical additives after collecting scalp tissue. The company explains that it can be cultured massively in a stable way because it is separated in a healthy state that can maintain the state of the early cells.  

The company has also developed Mass Culture Optimization Technology (HMCO), which creates an environment that optimises cell culture. Based on this technology, one cell can be grown to up to 90 million cells.

It also secured HCPT technology. This technology is to grow dermal papilla cells outside of the body, which is originally in the body (the hair). 

The fourth technology is the development of Hanmobio growth factor. It is a technology that improves the growth emitted from the dermal papilla cells.

The number of hair loss patients reaches 10 million in Korea alone But there is no breakthrough treatment for hair loss. Treatments for oral use, application treatments, and injections are on the market, but the focus is on inhibition rather than basic treatment. The transplant surgery is also expensive, and it is difficult to apply to patients with qualitative differences in hair growth depending on the doctor and no healthy hair remains.

Yoon Jeong-in, CEO of Hanbang Bio, said, “We plan to develop various hair loss treatment solutions through clinical trials soon,” adding, “Preserving healthy dermal papilla cells is the beginning and key factor of hair loss treatment.”


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