No Mask? Here’s your seat.

Aeroflot, a Russian airline designated plane seats for those who are stubborn, and refuse to wear a face mask. Aeroflot is one of Russia’s largest airlines which has a policy that all passengers must wear a mask at all times except when eating or drinking. However, many people decide to disregard the policy and insist on not wearing a mask. Because Aeroflot cannot stop and kick out the stubborn passenger, they allot special seats designated for the mask-less passengers. 

Russia is not the only country where strict protocols at airlines are enforced, and disputes occurred. Southwest Airlines from the United States returned to the gate when a passenger claimed it was their “Constitutional right” not to wear a mask. CNN states, “As of August of this year, Delta Air Lines announced that it had instituted nearly 250 lifetime bans on travelers who had refused to mask up.” In September, it was known that two passengers from two different domestic flights in Japan were suspended from the plane because they did not follow safety protocols. 

No one knows for sure if Aeroflot’s designated seats are a punishment or a privilege, but everyone needs to consider safety measures.

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