Drinking green tea and coffee everyday in people with diabetes is related to a lower risk of death.

4 or more cups of green tea and 2 or more of coffee linked to 63% lower all cause mortality

Drinking plenty of both green tea and coffee is linked to a lower risk of dying from either cause among individuals with type 2 diabetes, research published in the BMJ Open Diabetes Research & Treatment online journal suggests.

Drinking 4 or more regular cups of green tea plus 2 or more cups of coffee over a period of about 5 years was associated with a 63 percent lower risk of death, the results show. Type 2 diabetes individuals are more vulnerable to circulatory conditions, dementia, cancer, and fractures of the bone. And lifestyle changes, such as exercise and diet, remain a pillar of treatment despite a growing number of successful medications. Previously published research indicates that drinking green tea and coffee regularly can be beneficial for health because of the different bioactive compounds found in these drinks. In people with diabetes, however, few of these studies have been performed. Therefore the researchers agreed to investigate the possible effect of green tea and coffee on the risk of death among individuals with the disease, separately and combined.

For an average of just over 5 years, they tracked the health of 4923 Japanese citizens (2790 males, 2133 females) with type 2 diabetes (average age 66). All of them were enrolled in a multicentre prospective study, The Fukuoka Diabetes Registry, which looks at the impact of drug therapies and lifestyle on the lifetime of type 2 diabetes patients.

They also completed a food and beverage questionnaire of 58 items, which included questions about how much green tea and coffee they drank each day. And they offered background information on lifestyle variables, such as physical exercise, smoking, alcohol intake, and hours of sleep at night. Height, weight and blood pressure tests were also taken, as were samples of blood and urine to screen for any underlying risk factors.

Those who drank either or both had lower chances of dying from either cause compared to those who drank no drink, with the lowest odds correlated with drinking larger amounts of both green tea and coffee.
Drinking up to 1 cup of green tea daily was associated with a 15 percent lower probability of death; drinking 2-3 cups was associated with a 27 percent lower probability. With 40 percent lower odds, going through 4 or more regular cups was linked.

Works Citation : Yuji Komorita, Masanori Iwase, Hiroki Fujii, Toshiaki Ohkuma, Hitoshi Ide, Tamaki Jodai-Kitamura, Masahito Yoshinari, Yutaro Oku, Taiki Higashi, Udai Nakamura, Takanari Kitazono. Additive effects of green tea and coffee on all-cause mortality in patients with type 2 diabetes mellitus: the Fukuoka Diabetes RegistryBMJ Open Diabetes Research & Care, 2020; 8 (1): e001252 DOI: 10.1136/bmjdrc-2020-001252

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