How is COVID going to affect Christmas?

Christmas has been a traditional holiday for hundreds of years. However, with this pandemic and strict rules how will it change? A couple days ago California has switched back to purple tier and has created lockdowns and self quarantining. Many hotels cancelled reservations and are going in lockdown. With covid in the way many Christmas vacations have been cancelled.

Source: The Guardian

According to,
“Rules on big groups meeting up in pubs or anywhere outdoors are very unlikely to be eased in December, so seeing friends for a pre-Christmas drink or meal will probably not be allowed.
The Christmas relaxation of meeting up rules does not extend to New Year’s Eve, so that is likely to be a quiet affair this year, with house parties banned in most places.”

With all these new restrictions it is hard to predict how Christmas will be like. With proper social distancing and avoiding contact with friends we can go back to normal.


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