Southern California Enters Purple Tier

The coronavirus curve had steadied for a couple months due to the efforts of many people to perform social distancing and take necessary safety precautions. But recently, the number of daily cases have been rising to new records; California being one of the states to be hit extremely hard with this. Since November 20th, Southern California counties have reached the purple tier. Countries have reinstated lockdowns and shelter in place orders. 

People are scrambling to get supplies and haircuts before it is too late. According to NBC, “The California Department of Public Health said Saturday the intensive care unit capacity in Southern California and Central Valley hospitals had fallen below a 15% threshold that triggers the new measures, which include strict closures for businesses and a ban on gathering with anyone outside of your own household. The new measures will take effect Sunday evening and remain in place for at least three weeks, meaning the lockdown will cover the Christmas holiday.” Although this is a huge bummer, this is just a step that must be taken just like during Thanksgiving where the best option is to just stay home instead of travelling across the world.

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