“Santa’s Zoomin’”

With the Pandemic, many children are left alone in their houses with the Christmas tree. Waiting for Santa to show through the chimney, when they come through the computer screen. Many Santas across the country have been getting ready for the upcoming holiday by either using safety equipment or now by using zoom calls with families and children. 

The various actors are using the calls as a way to maintain a paycheck and possibly make much more than usual. From not expecting any opportunities to being flooded with them by parents desperate to entertain and comfort their kids, these Santas are sure to stay in business. 

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For example, Don White and Mary Rogers are both Santas who are offering Zoom calls for various different groups. They make sure to get more personal information about the kids in usual from the parents in advance to create a more authentic interaction between them. During these difficult times, Santa is always here to cheer you up!


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