Alien Dismantlement of Utah Monolith Debunked

A strange metal monolith in Utah has been surfacing around all of social media just for it to be mysteriously be dismantled ten days later. Adventure photographer, Ross Bernards has found evidence of four men dismantling the monolith. Bernards watched as the men pushed down the monolith and carried it off on a wheelbarrow.

“As they walked off with the pieces, one of them said, ‘Leave no trace,’” Mr. Bernards recalled in a telephone interview.

New York Times article, “Earthlings, It Seems, Not Aliens, Removed the Utah Monolith” By Serge F. Kovaleski, Deborah Solomon and Zoe Rosenberg

Bernards purposely did not capture any photos for respect and he agreed with what they were doing. His friend Michael James Newlands, however, got the chance to capture a few photos with his cellphone. Here is one of Newlands’s photos:

Photo taken by Michael James Newlands

The photos that Newlands took are the only photos of the scene. It is unknown whether they are the same people to instal it in the first place. On Tuesday, a professional sportsman, Andy L. Lewis, claimed that he was responsible for the monolith’s disappearance with his group by posting a video on his Facebook page. The video consisted of a short and dark clip of the fallen monolith being carried away in a wheelbarrow. However, because of Lewis’s history of fake stunts, accounts of his past stunts suggest that he might just be seeking the spotlight.

For example, New York Times authors, Serge F. Kovaleski, Deborah Solomon and Zoe Rosenberg, write, “In 2013, the Mirror, the British tabloid, ran a photograph of him balanced precariously on a high rope without any clothes. Mr. Lewis pleaded guilty in 2014 to interfering in a BASE jumping investigation at Arches National Park. He received a fine and 18-months’ probation, during which time he was prohibited from entering a national forest.”

It is still a mystery what exactly this monolith is and why it suddenly disappeared as well and there are many conspiracies going around the internet. While some think that it is a work of art with an artist that wants to stay anonymous, there are other conspiracies that are a little less realistic, like the idea that it might be from aliens, or more specifically: Area 51.

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