Giving Thanks During a Pandemic

As daily life made a polar switch after the novel coronavirus hit, 2020’s Thanksgiving and Black Friday were no exception.

Thanksgiving, a holiday based on the harvest between the pilgrims and natives, is now celebrated with bountiful feasts with family and friends, while celerating the year’s blessings.

However, due to stricter social distancing protocols as cities fall back to the purple tier, the CDC has issued regulations to ensure a safer feast. The CDC ruled that inside gatherings should only consists of family members or a close-tied group of people. Food sharing should be restricted to individual portions with sanitary means of distributing food. Masks should always be worn and people should maintain a healthy distance.

Thanksgiving wasn’t the only cause for a spike; Black Friday, the common mob shopping of limited deals, was a part of the increased numbers. While many people resorted to online shopping due to the pandemic and conveniency, 54% of the country was still shopping in public areas, trying to grab the best deals.

Inevidently, cases shot up to 100,000 new infection and 1,200 deaths in just a day after Thanksgiving. Sources report that not all states have reported their numbers in, foreshadowing an increase in already-high numbers.

Researchers are mentioning a delay in the pandemic: the tremendous backlog for testing labs and results. This uncertainty can lead to higher cases from as cases get officially confirmed, a telling that there will be a great spike in the coming days.

With recent news of a vaccine, the country is in desperate need; but until then, it is important to wear a mask and practice safe and limited protocols, all before it is too late.

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