New Surge of Covid-19 Cases

Spikes in Covid-19 cases occur when a condition or circumstance change. Large spikes are described as waves. The first wave of Covid-19 cases was around the time Covid 19 was first introduced into the US. People were unaware of safety precautions needed and they proceeded in life as usual. But after cases started to multiply day by day and more awareness was spread, people started taking further measures for safety. This steadied the curve. But just when everyone was starting to feel more comfortable, the second wave struck because people’s behavior changed. People began to ease up and violate many safety precautions. Then after people began to see consequences, they went back to being more cautious. But after that where cases were slowly leveling out, a new surge of Covid-19 cases emerged.

A study conducted in Utah shows that about 1000 new cases are seen each day. Experts state that cases will get worse if certain measures are not taken. According to StatNews, “Seven months into the eye of the U.S. epidemic, people are tired of the precautions meant to slow the spread of SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes Covid-19. But slipups and relaxed attitudes are in turn driving new illnesses. Deborah Birx, the physician coordinating the White House’s coronavirus efforts, has cited social and family gatherings where people let their guards down as burgeoning sites of spread.” Although family gatherings and other meetings may be necessary, it is still important that we keep our activities in line with required safety precautions. It may be burdensome such as having to wear a mask or stay a good distance away from friends and relatives while communicating, it is a required step of preventing the next way of covid-19. An analogy would be saving up money for something you want to buy. If you wanted to buy something expensive lets say for example a new phone. You would want to save up your money rather than spending some of it here and there. That is relevant to our current circumstance. We are constantly saving up our money while we are practicing safety precautions, but the second we loosen up, we are spending the money that we should be saving.

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