COVID-19 Vaccine Updates

With the recent news of a 90% effective vaccine, Pfizer released more information since then, each day leading closer and closer to a end to this pandemic.

Pfizer is an American multinational pharmaceutical company that is currently working to get federal permission to release their vaccine by the end of November, also trying to spread word of their vaccine’s safety and side effects to customers.

Until now, the vaccine will take two doses to work between injections separated by weeks. Currently, the vaccine is said to have flu-like effects-sore arms, fever, and muscle aches-for a few days. With this uncertainty, scientists are predicting that it will cause people to be hesitant for taking the vaccine. Scientists are concerned that not enough people will take the vaccine. As a result, officials are emphasizing that social distancing and masks will still need to be utilized.

As of mid-October of 2020, only half of America said they were willing to take the vaccine. The plans are to release initial doses at limited numbers and then grow into a widely-available vaccine by the next year.

Director of the Yale Institute for Global Health, Saad Omer, underscores “You need to be ready,” he said. “You can’t look for your communication materials the day after the vaccine is authorized.”

As words of vaccine arise, is the end of this pandemic finally in sight?

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