“Presidential Tech”


With Joe Biden elected as the 46th US President, what lies in the future of tech? Recently, big tech has been the focus of the government with multiple anti trust cases against some of the biggest companies in the world. In the Trump Administration, Twitter and Facebook have been highlighted as often siding with liberals and “silencing conservatives” through fact-checks and other methods. 

The Techies

Biden has been a massive candidate in regards to the tech sector. With its inclination against the Trump administration and its views on trade, net neutrality, and content moderation, many individuals in tech found themselves celebrating the results. But what does a Biden administration look like for these individuals?

The number one thing on everyone’s mind is a return to normal life. With the pandemic, a racial awakening in the US, and many more abnormalities under the Trump Administration, society as a whole is looking forward to returning to the standard lifestyle. However, tech cannot expect for everything to be the same as it was under the Obama administration. 

Net Neutrality is also a hot topic for tech at this time, as the pandemic mandates us to stay home and attend virtual events. Blocking off access to the internet with paywall would essentially cut out those without the necessary funds from society almost completely. Biden has showed that he is in support of punishing companies that try to use this paywall. 

With the establishment of many new 5G networks, Biden also shows that he plans to invest time and money in the system. This is extremely important as these new networks will allow for an enhanced virtual experience for remote working, leaning, and essentially all interactions.


Biden is unlike the past two presidents in one regard. Obama proudly showed off Silicon Valley as a thriving ecosystem of technology. Trump waged 280-character battles on the daily against many big tech companies. However, Biden has neither completely embraced technology nor rejected it. It seems that tech reform will remain important, but not at the forefront of his administration’s agenda based on his statements so far.


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