How Trump Supporters Reacted to the Election

The 2020 presidential election was a fairly close one, with large numbers of supporters on both sides. But of course in the end, there can only be one winner and it turned out to be Biden. It was close up until the last couple days where Biden started to take a lead. After Biden’s victory, people filled the streets and celebrated. Everyone celebrated except for the Trump supporters. 

They believe that the results were invalid and demanded a recount. According to KTTC, “Trump’s campaign has filed lawsuits challenging election results in several states, but many of these suits were dismissed due to lack of merit. Experts say even if recounts are conducted in states like Wisconsin and Georgia, it’s highly unlikely this would change the results of the election.” Trump supporters started to protest on Saturday in front of state capitals chanting “This isn’t over” and “Stop the steal”. There has been rallying near the white house and biden supporters verbally attack Trump and Trump supporters although no violence has occured yet.

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