Could Immunity Exist?

As the novel coronavirus continues to loom over the world, research of this disease continues.

From the UK-CIC, the U.K. Coronavirus Immunology Consortium, scientists have been experimenting with the possibility of immunity with “T-Cells”. T-Cells, cells of cellular immunity, are part of the human immune system that work to fight off any bacterial or virus infections in our bodies by producing anti-bodies.

The recent experiments tested the T-Cell responses towards the coronavirus by measuring the lasting time responses in individuals. A 100 select individuals who tested positive with the virus in March 2020 but not been hospitalized were gathered to take samples monthly, mainly measuring antibody levels and blood samples.

Data suggested that “T-cell responses were present in all individuals at six months after SARS-CoV-2 infection, showing that a robust cellular memory against the virus persists for at least six months.”

Though the research has only began, scientists are hopeful these discoveries could lead to the key to immunity to the disease, one day.


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