Trump’s push to expand Arctic drilling is foolhardy.

The Trump administration has approved the new oil and gas leases in one of the world’s most pristine stretches: the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge. It is an undeniably bad idea that Congress was wrong to put into the 2017 budget bill, and the administration has undoubtedly opened a door for legal challenges in its rush to craft the new legislation. Nevertheless, Congress should not defer to the courts; it must address the issue is generated. Congress accepted the lease bid, ending more than 35 years of security. Moreover, Trump, whose retrograde enthusiasm for burning ever more fossil fuels endangers the planet’s health and suitability for human habitation.

Nevertheless, The Bureau of Land Management, however, ruled that draft plans calling for the installation of good pads, up to four airstrips, 175 kilometers of roads, and a pipeline would not pose an unacceptable threat to the region’s more than 270 different species, including polar bears and migrating herds of caribou.

Present market forces weigh against the industry attempting to sink new wells in such a costly and inhospitable position if there is any good news here, and the consumer pressure against such moves would be substantial. Even central banks balk at funding ventures of this kind.

No one knows if the toxicity of Trump will eventually catch up with him in the November election and lead to a change in administration and even a change in the Senate’s influence. If it does, through the Congressional Oversight Act , Congress will reverse several months ‘ worth of regulatory decisions, just as it did in early 2017 to undo several late-term Obama regulatory changes.

This issue was created by Congress, and it can resolve it by removing its permission in the first place to sell the leases. The government must follow strategies that are exactly the opposite of those pushed by Trump. That means we need a change in government urgently.

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