How will Halloween affect the Coronavirus cases.

Halloween happened yesterday and many people still celebrated Halloween by trick or treating door to door. According to the CDC, Halloween was highly recommended not to be participated in but many did it anyway. With several parties without masks, thousands will be affected causing a new spike in covid cases.

According to LAtimes, “Though not as bad as the rest of the nation, there are signs the pandemic is worsening in California. More than 30,200 coronavirus cases were reported for the seven-day period that ended Thursday, a 19% jump from the previous week, a Los Angeles Times analysis found. Hospitalizations have risen for two consecutive weeks.

Californians also are increasingly testing positive. The rate at which coronavirus tests are coming back positive for the seven-day period that ended Thursday was 3.33%; at the beginning of the month, it was 2.42%.”

It is predicted that with the increase in meetups with friends, covid cases will increase throughout the next 2 weeks.

We can use the example of what happened on memorial day to project what might happen over the next 2 weeks.

“The stakes are high. California let its collective guard down around Memorial Day, and for weeks paid the price as infections, hospitalizations and deaths surged, making the summer the state’s deadliest COVID-19 season.”

With better precautions for the upcoming Thanksgiving and Christmas America can better prepare for deadly holidays.


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