How Food Industry Workers Take Safety Precautions

Covid-19 is an extremely easy illness to pass onto people. Which is why the government even called for social distancing. But people still need food and that means people still need to work at markets and restaurants. And since food is something that people put directly into their bodies, we need to make sure they are clean.

Workers are stressed to use two main things. Gloves and masks. Gloves are used by the worker to stop the spread of coronavirus and they are switched frequently after the workers perform non-food related tasks such as opening a door. But the wearing of a glove is said to provide “fake security” which means that they feel safe because they are wearing a glove whereas they actually aren’t. Constant hand washing is just as if not more important than wearing a glove. Now the workers are also required to wear masks-for obvious reasons. Viruses are easily transferred when talking so it is a must that workers wear masks. But it isn’t as heavily stressed unless they are working in food processing or cooking.

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