Month: October 2020

Wildfire’s Benefits

Wildfires are something that have become prevalent in California because their numbers have been increasing lately. Wildfires cause many harms to communities because they are so dangerous. But when these fires aren’t […]

“Robinhood Hacking”

Introduction Robinhood is an application that allows users to trade with no commission, making investing easily available to those without bank vaults of cash. By targeting novice traders that don’t have overflowing […]

To Nowhere and Beyond

People have been missing their flights and yearn to greet them again, so they board airplanes that go… nowhere. In Brunei, Australia, Japan, and Taiwan, airlines have been developing a system called […]

Covid-19 Misconceptions

Just like how the virus has been spreading rapidly across the world, rumors about the virus have been spreading fast too. Many of these rumors are not true because people’s understanding of […]