What Voting Looks Like In A Pandemic

As the United States prepares for the much anticipated 2020 elections, the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic stirs health risks as people stand in long lines to submit their ballots.

Though much of the world has made a virtual switch, voting has stayed with traditional methods of either voting in-person or by sending by mail. Online voting has been discouraged from the risks of voting accuracy due to previous scandals. Voting in person means that citizens would stand in long lines to mark their ballots and drop them in, one after another.

This poses as a risk towards not only to the poll workers but also the voters who would be constantly coming into contact with one another. The CDC advised that everyone bring their own pen along with following the standard guidelines of wearing a mask, gloves, and using hand sanitizer. The CDC also suggested locating poll booths six feet apart from each other with physical barriers.

To the citizens that are ill or may be, this leads to a sudden increase in cases as voting rights ensure that they can still vote, even with a contagious disease.

The state of Alabama attempted curbside voting for those who were infected, was quickly stopped by the state’s attorney general.

A survey from Delaware polls showed that many citizens were not following the guidelines correctly, often not wearing their masks correctly. Statistics showed an increase of cases, some from carriers of the disease as well.

As the country votes for the next leader, it is essential that they do so safely.

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