South Korea’s Struggle Against the Flu Vaccine

There have been 36 deaths in South Korea recorded since Friday after each individual received a flu shot. The average death age was 74 years old, but a 17 year old male has died too. Researchers are left confused after experiencing these deaths, so they began to research last Friday. However, South Korean Health Officials have not found a “direct link” between the flu shot and people’s death. 

There has not been much death due to getting a flu shot. A professor at South Korea’s National Cancer Centre, Ki Moran, explained that the flu can cause serious side effects in one out of 10 million people. The cause of death of the 36 still remains a mystery. 

The South Korean Disease Control and Prevention Agency (KDCA) decided not to suspend the flu shots, and continue to investigate the data. Differently, people do not agree with the idea of not suspending the vaccines. According to CNN, “The Korean Medical Association, a coalition of 130,000 doctors, has urged the government to suspend the vaccination program for a week until they determined the cause of the deaths.”

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