The NBA Bubble

Many people may be wondering, “How are sports even working with Covid-19?” The answer is pretty simple for the NBA although there are some miniscule issues. During the Covid-19 pandemic, where everyone is supposed to stay home and maintain a 6 foot distance between one another, sports stadiums are empty-and they should be. When tens of thousands of people are all grouped together in one tight bowl, it is a recipe for disaster. So the NBA has come up with a solution for this.

Their solution: the bubble. Now at first glance, this might seem like an idea where the players just wear some kind of protective gear, but no; it is literally a bubble. A place that is completely isolated from the rest of the community where players practice and compete. Even the food is made inside the bubble. But most extremely, no one is allowed to leave or enter the bubble. Food that is delivered from outside is handed off to someone who works near the perimeter and they then deliver it directly. Although this may seem a little over the top for some, its efforts have actually paid off. On August 19, the NBA tested its players for the virus. Of the 314 players, none of them tested for covid-19. Whereas when you compare them to MLB, which had 29 players positive for covid-19, you can easily see the difference.

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