Corona Sapiens

코로나 사피엔스

The Next Virus.

What will the world look like after Corona 19? What order will it be reorganized into? How will thinking and paradigms change? Jang Ha-Joon, an economist, stresses that Corona 19 is an “unprecedented situation.” There has never been a situation where demand, supply and consumption have collapsed at once like this. With everything collapsing in a moment, society has revealed its weakness in the most vulnerable areas that we have been blindfolded. Problems that had been relegated to the back ranks for growth, such as the devastated job market, soaring unemployment, precarious self-employed people and an incomplete welfare system, are emerging as priorities that need to be addressed immediately. That’s why reflection on neo-liberalism, which dominated the world after the 2008 financial crisis, is mentioned intensively. The crisis has given many an opportunity to seriously consider ‘what really matters in human life?’ and ‘How should individuals change their perception and behavior and how society should be reorganized for that value?’

Ecologist Choi Jae-Cheon says the virus eventually began when humans invaded the natural ecosystem. Ecologists have consistently called for the ultimate benefit of preserving the natural environment without damaging it, but it has been useless. However, as predictions continue that virus shocks like Corona 19 will threaten humanity every three to five years, fundamental questions are raised about the existing methods of developing and causing an ecological crisis. Professor Choi Jae-cheon said, “In the future, there will be eco-centered companies that place ecology at the center of economic activities, and consumers will choose only such companies.” At the same time, it is said that ecological vaccines (distinguish between nature and humans) and behavioral vaccines (differentiating social distance) are necessary as fundamental measures, not chemical vaccines. Indeed, ecological transformation is the only way to live.

Kim Nuri, a professor at Chung-Ang University and a critic of political and social education, talks about the framework of perception, in other words, changes in values. They argue that in the reality of Korea, where beast capitalism is booming, we need to change what is really important, namely, to achieve a ” In particular, he stresses that the government should change from meritocracy, which has dominated Korean society, to dignity thinking, literally all human dignity, to an equal perspective. In addition, after witnessing the tragedy of the U.S., Korea’s unique view of the U.S.-centered world began to break down, and at the same time, it is said that it has also been dealt a fatal blow to growthism and development ideology.

The Corona 19 incident did not only bring crisis and reflection. We have identified the explosive influence of the Fourth Industrial Revolution as the Corona19 Incident, which we expect to further develop in the post-Corona era. Amid the prevailing prediction that the Pandemics shock will be repeated, telecommuting and online education should be possible to keep up with daily life when another virus emerges in the future.

Demand for ‘non-face-to-face’ that can reduce infection will increase, and it is clear that the fourth industrial revolution will accelerate in this trend. After going through Corona 19 this time, I have the answer to how we can overcome the crisis. If the existing generation does not become more active and change to digital civilization, mankind may not be able to survive together.

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