Will Corona Affect the upcoming election?

There are many concerns to wether the virus will affect the election. Some include our President’s condition as well as online/mail voting. According to bbc news a non bias news source, they state on their site,

“Despite the aforementioned turmoil this year – the pandemic and resulting economic disruption, the nationwide demonstrations against institutional racism and police brutality following George Floyd’s death and sometimes violent unrest in several major US cities, the countless smaller crises and controversies that seem like a daily occurrence during the Trump years – this presidential race has been remarkably stable.

Democrat Joe Biden has held a statistically significant lead over the president for months in national polls, with a smaller but still noteworthy advantage in key swing states. Time was running out for the president to change this dynamic, even before this week’s dramatic news.”

There were also many concerns regarding the problems with mail voting. According to, they say that in order to guarantee an accurate, secure election count there must be the following done.

“Expansion of mail-in voting will require transparent and rigorous processes to verify ballots—including training for verification judges—and to ensure that voters have an adequate opportunity to correct ballot errors. Election officials also need time to process and validate election results accurately, which means that election results in many places won’t be available on election night. To maintain public confidence in the election process, states will need to work with local media and political organizations to ensure that the public is receiving accurate information. It will take months to put these procedures in place.”

With better understanding of the problems we face with voting during covid, we can have more accurate elections in the future.


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