Claudia Conway’s Tik Toks Are Blowing Up For Her Recent Diagnosis Of COVID-19

Claudia Conway, daughter of Kellyanne Conway (counselor to president Trump), has recently been tested positive for COVID-19 due to her mother. She speculated that her mother has gotten it since she works for the president who has also been tested positive. Claudia, unlike her family, is very liberal and is open about it on her famous platform on Tik Tok. Recently, Claudia posted about how her mother allegedly tested positive but “lied” to Claudia, saying that she tested negative, which made Claudia assume it was okay to not social distance around her mother (which caused her to get it). It was later found out that her mother was tested 3 times and the first one said negative while the others said positive, which led to miscommunication overall.

The problem is that her mother remains rather asymptomatic while Claudia is going through a very rough time. In one of her Tik Toks, it shows how her oxygen levels were down to 91, which is not healthy and is advised to go seek hospitalization.

What’s concerning is Claudia’s live on Tik Tok. She went live on Tik Tok on October 5th 2020 around 10pm and I was there to watch almost all of it. She was responding to some comments that were a little concerning and spoke in code (pig latin).

screenshot taken by Jacquelyn Ryu during Claudia’s Live

Here, she replies to her comments asking to “take out your earrings if you’re in danger” by subtly taking out her earring mid-conversation. In the next screenshot, Claudia was speaking in a mix of pig latin and gibberish until people finally decoded what she was trying to say.

screenshot taken by Jacquelyn Ryu during Claudia’s Live

After a couple minutes passed of Claudia speaking in Pig Latin, people have decoded it to say, “my mom wants to send me to CPS”(Child Protective Services). After this, she repeated to her viewers not to call the cops and said that she is fine and ended up ending the Livestream. After that day, she ironically got banned from going on lives through her main account. It is still unknown whether she is getting proper treatment at the moment and hopefully she is.

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