New “Custodians” Hired to Clean the Atlanta Stadium

Home to Atlanta Falcons and Altlanta United FC, the Altlandta’s Mercedes-Benz Stadium is using two drones to disinfect the surfaces before and after events. 

    This coming home game on October 11th is the day the two drones will debut and be the first to be used to disinfect surfaces. These drones, or D1 disinfecting drones, were made by the Lucid Drone Technologies, which used electrostatic nozzles to spread disinfectants on surfaces.

    The new method cuts down up to 95% of the time it usually takes for a human custodian to wipe down all the surfaces. The new and efficient method enables custodians to take part in different matters other than sanitizing public seats. 

    However, the over excessive surface cleaning is ridiculed and criticized by experts because CDC stated that although surface transmission is possible, it is more probable that the virus is passed on through contact with another carrier. Socially distancing and wearing masks are more important than sanitizing surfaces. 

    On the other hand, the stadium has prepared more than disinfecting surfaces. Only a selected number of individuals will be allowed to the games and around 600 hand sanitizing stations will be available all around. In addition to that, a six foot distancing space will be maintained throughout the whole duration of the event.

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