Wildfire’s Benefits

Wildfires are something that have become prevalent in California because their numbers have been increasing lately. Wildfires cause many harms to communities because they are so dangerous. But when these fires aren’t causing any harm to humans, they can actually be beneficial for the environment.

According to Sciencemag, wildfires are nature’s way of clearing out all the dead organisms within it. With this, the nutrients are recycled back into the soil which helps younger organisms develop. But they are only beneficial for a certain amount of time. Once the fire starts to burn too long or too they burn too short, the ecosystem isn’t able to recover from it.

According to Sciencmag, wildfires are also helpful for replacing current trees with other species of trees that are better suited for the environment. With this there will be better management of the forest since the organisms within it will be more adapted to it.,the%20reproduction%20of%20some%20plants.

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