To Nowhere and Beyond

People have been missing their flights and yearn to greet them again, so they board airplanes that go… nowhere.

In Brunei, Australia, Japan, and Taiwan, airlines have been developing a system called “scenic flights” or “flights to nowhere.” As exactly the name suggests, the flight route goes nowhere; passengers take flight at an airport and land at the same airport. 

Prior to flights, passengers are expected to check their luggage in safely following all pandemic protocols. During the flights, all passenger members are ordered to properly socially distance each other and wear masks under all circumstances. 

At first, many people think the trip is silly; going nowhere is a waste of money. That is what Ms. Hamid believed at first. “Normally when you’re flying you don’t really know where you are, so it was nice to have someone contextualize things in our country and in Malaysia, and the views were really beautiful,” (Ms. Hamid, 22). 

In other cases, some people just missed being in the air so much. “I didn’t realize how much I’d missed traveling — missed flying — until the moment the captain’s voice came on the speaker with the welcome and safety announcement,” explained Mr. Harif.

The most surprising fact is that a Taiwanese airline Starlux was selling out “flights to nowhere” tickets. There were around a dozen flights scheduled through October, but most of the flights have sold out in just 10 minutes since the sale. 

Adding on, flight attendants and staff members try hard to make the flight a memorable one; fun games at boarding gates, extra decorations in planes, fancy foods, and even a designated theme for each flight is introduced to the passengers. 

Truly, Covid-19 has changed our way of thinking; who would have thought of flying nowhere without the pandemic? 


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